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Ceilings Inc's team of professional craftsmen has been proudly executing well-conceived design and timely project delivery for more than 50 years. We are a multi-faceted, union carpentry contractor deeply rooted in conservative business principles and synonymous with consistently providing quality outcomes.


Learn More About Ceilings Inc.

Ceilings Inc. continues it’s 50 plus year heritage by executing our founding principles of relationship building, competitiveness, schedule driven performance and sound financial management.


You Can Count On Us!

We are not just a ceiling contractor! As a signatory union employer, we have some of the best Carpenters and Drywall Finishers in the region. If you are looking for single source responsibility when hiring a carpentry contractor, we are capable of undertaking your project.


We're Here to Help

On your next project, Ceilings Inc. will provide the responsiveness, care and attention you have the right to expect.

We are accustomed to exceeding our

client’s expectations.

Quality and Expertise for More than 50 Years.

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